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The city was founded in the 15th century by Sultan Ahmed Shah on the Sabarmati river, and served as capital of the Sultanate of Gujarat. The historic center of Ahmedabad is presently a thriving business district. Ahmedabad is mainly divided in two parts, the old city, and new city. The old city has developed rather haphazardly, and most of the roads are narrow and crowded during business hours. The new city has well-structured, wide roads. A wide variety of shops and businesses exist in the city. In addition to its role as a commercial center, Ahmedabad is also an important industrial center, with chemical and textile industries. Ahmedabad is often described as the Manchester of the East, because of its once-booming textile industry.
 Morning pick up from hotel/airport & enjoy guided city tour including:

One of the prevalent and oldest mosques of Ahmedabad. In 1423, it was built by Ahmed Shah just close to Mahatma Gandhi Road, facing to the east of the Teen Darwaza. It has a roof, supporting by 260 columns. This mosque is located on the rescued land after the demolition of Hindu and Jain temples.
Timings: 9:00 - 18:00 hrs. Closed on Sundays.

These famous structures were built by Sidi Basher. The amazing features of these and the other minarets is that one minaret is shaken, the other one vibrates too.
Note: Open on all days.
Siddi Saiyed 
This mosque near Lal Darwaaza has earned worldwide fame for its magnificent stone Tracey. The tracey is acclaimed for its splendid Jaali screen, framed in ten semi circular windows. This is a unique site where the lathic work & exquisite carvings in stone has been a source of inspirations to all those who love art. The manifold designs of banyan tree carvings over window have been adopted by the Ahmedabad Philatelic Bureau as the Constellation mark which is a superb and peerless example of delicate carving that transforms tones into filigree. It is a fine example of Indo – Saracenic architecture and its models in miniature are best known souvenirs of the city
Open on all days
Adalaj Step Wells 
These wells are amongst the best of ancient Indian architecture. These step wells are exquisitely carved, and run several stories deep. One of the striking features of this ancient architectural marvel was that, in the summers, it kept the place cool and stored water at the same time. 
Note: Open on all days.
Bhadra Fort 
The foundation of this old fort was laid in 1411 AD which once housed the royal palaces and the beautiful gardens.